From the moment I saw their portfolio I knew that I wanted to book them as our wedding photographers. My husband and I had the pleasure of working with The Rivers on our engagement and wedding day sessions. I cannot express the amount of gratitude we have for this dynamic duo as they have perfectly depicted our personalities through each photo. Not only do we have amazing candid and portrait shots, but most importantly we have great memories with Jay and Jakayla. They made us laugh till we couldn't breathe during our shoots and smile as we admired each photograph. We are forever thankful for their aesthetic, attention to detail, and their dedication to providing excellent work. Thank you again!


Jay and Jakayla were amazing! From our engagement shoot to the day of the wedding - they were so on top of everything. It doesn't hurt that they have great senses of humor and kept me laughing the whole time. They listened to all my ideas for the day of and it shows in the pictures! I highly recommend working with them!

Alexx + Jon

I am so blown away by Jay and Jakayla. We booked them over a year out from our wedding and kept in constant communication. Our engagement photos were included in our package and from that first interaction, we knew it was a match made in photography heaven. Jay was our photographer on the day of our wedding, along with their videographer Shemar. My husband and I are both super awkward in front of cameras, but their documentary style photography made us feel so comfortable and at ease. They captured some really incredible moments and receiving our pictures brought tears to our eyes. They were just as much a part of the fun as they were a part of the photography and my aunts are still talking about how much fun they had dancing with Jay!! We received a sneak preview video within 24 hours of our wedding and received our full picture gallery within three weeks!!! The pictures were STUNNING. Like bridal-magazine-from-Milan stunning. I strongly recommend them for everyone getting married!! Love love love you guys and thank you again!


-My fiancé and I recently had our engagements done by the rivers and we were SO happy with how they turned out!! Marcus and I have been doing long distance for about a year now, so I had to fly down to Florida for a quick weekend to see him and take our engagements. The Rivers were so kind and understanding about our situation of having a limited window of time. I was so impressed by how understanding they were and how filling they were to catering to our needs!! The experience of the shoot itself was SO FUN. I loved every second!! The Rivers were so easy to interact with and made the whole shoot feel so relaxed! I loved the vibe. The one thing I appreciated the most was how Jay would say 'move that piece of hair' or 'take a couple steps that way' and things like that. That to me, sets them apart from other photographers. Not to mention their turn around time. The very night we did the shoot, we got about four pictures as a sneak peek!!! And in less than 3 days we had ALL of our photos! I was so impressed! Loved our experience with The Rivers and highly recommend them.

Jamie + Ryan

Where do I even start with these two?! My fiancé and I just LOVE them - both as people and photographers! Their style caught my eye long before I was even engaged, and they were my only choice when it came time to hire my photographer. I wouldn't say I'm the most comfortable in front of a camera, but they put me and my fiancé at ease immediately. Be prepared to have lots of laughing photos because The Rivers are a funny couple! We just love them and don't have enough good things to say. If you're into their style, don't hesitate to book them! They are GOOD to their clients, take AMAZING photos, and are GREAT human beings! <3


These two made my wedding day such a sweet and enjoyable experience! They are so uplifting, encouraging, and remind you to laugh and BREATHE on your wedding day all while taking stunning pictures. I loved having them there on my wedding day and for my engagement shoot - my husband and I are not comfortable in front of the camera, but 5 minutes with them and we felt like we were with close friends!! And I can't count how many of my recently married friends are shocked when I told them I received my ENTIRE wedding photo package less than a month after my wedding. It is unheard of. They are amazing, laidback, and will do whatever they can to make you smile! I love them and the memories they have given us!


I have NOTHING bad to say about Jakayla and Jay. From the minute we met with them, my fiance and I immediately knew that they were the ones. I mean Jay watched the season finale of Walking Dead just for us before our engagement session (and so he was included in our conversation about it). The turn around time for our photographs was unheard of and I couldn't be more in love with photographs if I tried. Seriously, if you're even thinking about a photographer HIRE THE RIVERS


I decided to book The Rivers based on their photography style, I absolutely loved all the previous couples they had photographed, they seemed to capture "in the moment"emotion which was exactly what I was looking for. After we finished our engagement shoot we realized that we've never had so much fun taking pictures! Jakayla and Jay are so passionate about what they do that it really shows when you interact with them. They are fun, down to earth, flexible, but also very professional and their photos speak for themselves. The best part is that they are FAST no waiting months and months to receive your wedding pictures! I've received a sneak peek of our wedding pictures and I'm in love with them just as I was with our engagement pictures. Thanks The Rivers! You guys are stuck with us forever


My husband and I cannot say enough about how absolutely AMAZING it was working with TheRivers Photo!! From our engagement shoot to our wedding video and everything in between, each step was so much fun and the final product blew us away. Their work is so fantastic that our wedding was featured on TheKnot. We cannot express enough gratitude and love towards this epic duo, whose work speaks for itself in many ways. We want them to be our photographers for life! Haha. But seriously, working with this amazing team was the best decision ever. Thanks again!


We kind of want to keep Jay and Jakayla all to ourselves, but we know we must share their greatness with everyone! Rewind to months and months ago, when we first met Jay and Jakayla - conversation flowed easily, and the more we spoke with them, the more and more excited we were to have them as our wedding photographers. Our engagement session was basically a morning filled with awesome music, dance moves, and jokes. So many jokes. A huge thanks to Jakayla for making me feel like the funniest person on earth. As if that wasn't a booster enough! Jakayla and Jay delivered our engagement photos so quickly! They were amazing! Everyone complimented the images and their dreamy feel. Fast forward to our wedding day, still being the funniest person ever, according to Jakayla, and having the time of my life. We were at ease, and despite the freezing temperatures, all of our memorable moments were captured. Our guests complimented at how sweet Jakayla was, and I was pretty much nodding the whole time "I know", like a proud mama. My little treasure! Our warriors delivered our sneak peek the very next day! Instead of taking the time to defrost, Jakayla shared BEAUTIFUL images of our special day, to which everyone raved about. I can not wait to see our full gallery and re-live that moment, all thanks to our dear friends, The Rivers. We love you guys!


I'm actually overdue for this review, but I'm a bit glad I waited because every interaction I have had with the Rivers since my wedding day has only made me love them more! The entire wedding experience for me was very new and somewhat frustrating since I had never even attended weddings before my own. Not knowing where to begin or how to go about things, I was so happy to have a photographer who not only thoroughly explained what to expect and what was required of me, but also answered any and all questions I had leading up to the big day. It was refreshing to know they were only a phone call away if I had a sudden worry or request! The wedding day itself was such a breeze with The Rivers, too! They showed up early to take any photos they could before the girls and I were ready, and they stayed by my husband and me from morning to evening. You couldn't even tell if they were tired by the end of the night (which after ten hours I'm sure you have to be)! They truly love what they do and only cared about my husband and I being happy with their work. Family photos were quick and easy, and the afterward photos of my husband and I before the reception were perfect. They were so prepared with where, when, and how they wanted to do the photos, I loved it! After the wedding day, we received our album of over 500 photos within two weeks! That alone will make any bride happy! I was extremely eager to see the photos, and I was so glad I didn't have to wait long to do so! My only complaint about this part was the platform that was used to send the pictures. However, I am only mentioning this because of how quickly The Rivers attended to my concerns; they actually redid my entire album on a new platform they recently began to use for weddings. It was nice to relive my wedding again the second time, especially since they added several photos I hadn't seen the first time! I can go on and on about them, but my favorite part of all is their attitude and dedication for what they do. They never had any complaints, and when they had concerns, they were able to easily communicate their thoughts with me. I am so, so glad I went with The Rivers for my wedding day. I don't think I could have had a better experience with anyone else. If you're looking for someone (or in this case, a couple) who will make your day a breeze with their professionalism, laid back attitude and sense of humor, and will take amazing photos all day with an incredible finished product, I promise you will not be disappointed with The Rivers!