3 wedding venues for the modern couple in Orlando,Fl

Hunting down a dope, fresh + modern wedding venue can be pretty tough at times. That is why we have compiled a list of 5 wedding venues for the modern bride in Orlando, FL.

However, simply throwing together a quick list of some places with some pictures is a thing that could be done by you & a simple search.

Instead, we are giving you real vendor insight & what it was like to work at that venue + the vibes & feels to really be transparent in helping couples truly navigate the waters in the journey of saying yas to the venue! A big thing we will also include is the getting ready accommodations for the venue this is normally a HUGE question for couples so we got you!


Downtown Orlando

  • Rooftop venue that accommodates stunning views during your ceremony + market lights in the evening to make your heart swoon. This is a newer wedding venue to the Orlando streets & in our opinion it is ran by an amazing set of staff that is highly accommodating & dedicated to bringing forth the bride`s vision. It is a smaller venue so I recommended checking for the size limit but the intimacy of this venue is part of its charm + beauty. If you are a bride who is into the city look then getting rooftop sunset portraits & city candid’s will be a dream come true.


Getting ready: I only recommend this venue for getting ready for one small bridal party unless you are okay with seeing your partner. The getting ready room is GORG but the hotel literally next door is beautiful + super convenient as well!

( The Grand Bohemian)

Tavares Pavilion on the lake

Tavares, Florida

Tavares Pavilion on the Lake nestled in the heart of Tavares ( 30 minutes away from Orlando) is a wedding venue well worth the quick drive on the outskirts of the city. We have had the pleasure of working at this venue with two AMAZING wedding planner companies: Runway events + Cherish events. This is a venue with diverse views you can get portraits with plenty of greenery, romantic water backgrounds + beautiful overhung lights in the right season. OPTIONS ON OPTIONS ON OPTIONS!

What’s not to love guys?

Getting ready: They do have a beautiful suite upstairs but there also is a hotel that’s gorgeous and accommodating in walking distance!


Winter Park, Fl

Winter Park has a hidden gem with this venue. It is a museum that can be utilized to accommodate a wedding & it’s actually very convenient with lake views, museum pieces + greenery on greenery. You can have your reception in or outside & this venue can accommodate an intimate to medium sized wedding. This is simply a beautiful venue that is highly underrated in my opinion. Check it out if you are on the hunt for a venue!

Getting ready:  This venue has accommodations for both parties to get ready! The guy`s location is not photogenic to photograph in but you can make it work & I have some examples below.