Dope photographers are hard to find

We get it, the wedding planning process is hard & dope photographers ( like us 😉 ) are very hard to find. We know wedding planning ain’t easy because we aren’t the only vendors you have to hire — but we are definitely the most important! We are delivering moments, memories and maaaayyybeee some bloopers of drunk moments at the reception. Let us know if there is a certain budget or package you have in mind and we can talk the details when you inquire with us.

At the end of the day we do have bills, a baby, my Brunch & target habit to pay for but if we can make it work then we will make it work for a bride thats just as dope as her future photographers.


We have 3 different markets that we have established our business in & advertise for. We love to keep everything as real and informative as possible so when you click on our area you get the full pricing.

Yass to no more guessing what your photographer costs.

*There is no travel cost for any weddings or sessions in the New York, Atlanta or Orlando area.*