How do we book?

We have made the booking process easyyy peasssy!
Everything is online and as millennials you bet your butt we are taking advantage of the technology.
After you fill out the inquiry form and decide you want to book we will send you a contract online and a way to pay the $1000 retainer online & that`s it your booked!

Exactly how many photos de we receive?

We do not have a limit on the amount of photos that we deliver! The amount of photos we deliver depends on the amount of hours you have us for your day & how much content you have during your day. The only pictures we do not send are test shots, bad light, blurry etc etc. The average amount of pictures we send for a 6 hour wedding are 800-1000. So yeah you get a TON. ;)
we got you!

Do we have to pay for our digital images?

Nope! That comes included in all of our packages! You get the option to download both your high resolution & your social media files, so its a go for your wall & cell phone screensaver!

I don't want to print though, Do you offer prints & ablums?

Yasss! All you have to do is let us know and we will send you a full pricing list of all of our options and send you a invoice for it & you will have a print or album on it`s way!

Can I see a full wedding from start to finish?

9 times out of ten we go ahead and send you a full wedding and engagement session but if we don't please feel free to let us know and you will get one, pronto!

What kind of light do you use?

We primiarly lean towards natural light so that is what you will mostly use but we do know how to use flash & we always use it for any situation that needs extra light.