Wow 3 locations? We need to know how you guys balance that!

We are lovers of Orlando, Georgia & New York. We have home bases in all 3 areas which is why no cover charge exists for any of those locations. Our 3 year old loves bragging already about mommy & daddy being in Georgia or New York according to her school!

How long until we get our pictures?

1-2 weeks engagements

2-3 weeks weddings

Yeah I know we are awesome since the editing turnaround time in this industry is 4-6 weeks. We still give you perfectly edited images that you see on our website however we have developed a system to get you your pictures asap.

Do we get to meet before booking?

Due to us trying to make sure all of our brides have the best experience with us as their photographers we do not offer pre-booking meetings. We would literally not have a day open so instead we are super avaliable on FaceTime, phone calls, emails, text messages etc. I want everyone to follow us on Instagram especially to get a good feel for who we are. We are always on Insta-story being goofballs & showing all our clients who The Rivers are.

I don’t see a package that fits me. Can we talk about this?

Of course! Just fill out that Book us form so that way we still have information about you guys & indicate to us what you need & we will be right there for you!

My venue needs your insurance & Business license,do you have that?

Heck yes! You are not hiring newbies here. We can send our info right over to the venue & you won’t have to break a sweat.

I know I have a print release but can you print?

We have a professional printing lab that we use & we also make custom albums. After you get your images there will be a price list & for albums just contact us at