Jvarzeia Rivers

(You can call me Jay but bonus points and a cookie if you come to a session and can say my name right.)
I 'm super blessed that I can provide more than a dope last name to the business, watching my wife have such a thrill capturing moments really pushed me into the idea of maybe I can get the same joy while working with my hot wife.
I`m the unpredictable, inappropriate jokes one. That's why we have to connect with our couples so we can get to the point where we can really just be free to be ourselves and capture who you really are. A few posed ones for momma and dad back home but the rest? I want you to just be you!
I`m not a huge Tv show crazed fan like my wife but That 70s show, house and almost any popular black tv show from the 90s is my thing.
I'm into any and all music and I rap a little as well, so if any clients want to freestyle with me during a session? Let's drop a beat and hit it.

Jakayla Rivers

Hey! I'm Jakayla! Im the dorky, awkward one, most likely to fall while walking backwards to capture your shot girl. I freaking love photography but it's not just getting cool pictures for me. It's about getting amazing memories of who y'all are not who we want you to be. That's why we don't do any acting over here. I'm very introverted until you get to know me and then you learn just how eccentric I can be. I'm obsessed with survivor(I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS SEASON!), The Bachelor, Grey's Anatomy, Jane the Virgin, The walking dead & Scandal. (Okay I like a LOT of tv shows, its what I watch while I edit my gorgeous client's images <3) Anyways, when It comes to your big day I'm there and not just there but really there. I'm the go-to lady if you need advice on colors, location, make up artist, planner etc? I will give you as much advice as I can! I really hope you are ready to gain some friends if you book with us because we seriously love the crap out of good people and all of The Rivers clients are A1.

Shemar Knowles

My mindset with life is " In a world where there seems to be only one type of beauty, I just want to show everyone just how beautiful they really are."
Hey, I am Shemar Rico Knowles or as my big sister, Jakayla calls me.... the artsy fartsy one of the business. I have been drawing since before I could even read, I also sing, act & have been doing videography + photography for the past 4 years.
When I am not living my best life with our couples you can catch me rewatching The Office, making youtube videos or spending all my coins in an art store on supplies.

Jaden Rivers

Jaden is our bold 4-year-old.
She is pretty much mommy’s personality with daddies face ( #twins)
She is our one and only #lordwilling LOL she's a fiesty child with TONS of intelligence, energy, energy & well more energy.
Our free time is mostly spent with her at Disney, Jeremiahs ice or Sonics.
( Oh yeah did I mention she can out eat her parents? #geez)