J`Varzeia Rivers is my real name but for you guys I will keep it short and simple so Jay is a okay with me. Men, I hope you are reading this along with your lady because I want you to know that I got you. My wife tends to give all the ladies the compliments but bro I will let you know that you are hot as well (okay I may not use that term LOL). I am a homebody at heart yet I married a wife who is half a homebody so I spend a lot of days being a Disney dad & dragging my wife out of target for the 8th time in a day.

Mention Track, WWE, Basketball, The Bachelor (Don’t judge lol) or weddings & we won’t stop talking.



Hey! Im Jakayla, the quirky portion of The Rivers.
I`m super into tricking my husband into taking me to target, avoiding networking events ( sorry Im really bad at small talk) & using my awkward personality into making sure you are super comfortable when it comes into being in front of the camera.
Trust me all walls will be broken the moment I show you one of my awful dance moves.
Oh & I am a firm believer that Brunch is a way of life.



This is our mini Rivers! (and our third “J”)
She is 2 years old and is already attached to a mini camera we got her! She has quite a wild spirit and her favorite word is uncle. If you ever meet her sing I like to eat apples and bananas and you will win over her little heart. She is the love of our life and the reason why mommy drinks so much coffee, we always say she’s mommies personality with daddies face!