Jay Rivers

J`Varzeia Rivers is my real name but for you guys I will keep it short and simple so Jay is a okay with me. Men, I hope you are reading this along with your lady because I want you to know that I got you. My wife tends to give all the ladies the compliments but bro I will let you know that you are hot as well (okay I may not use that term LOL). I am a homebody at heart yet I married a wife who is half a homebody so I spend a lot of days being a Disney dad & dragging my wife out of target for the 8th time in a day. I ran track in high school & college and thought that was the coolest thing until I started doing wedding photography alongside my wife. I am extroverted all the way yet I keep a small circle of friends. I don’t watch as much tv as my wife does but I do love me some WWE,  House, That 70s show & my wife makes me watch The Bachelor series (although I am kind of into it now myself) & Wolf Of Wall Street is my favorite movie.
One day my wife bought a extra camera & then made me come with her to a session, handed it to me & said this is yours.
I am a simple man so I went along with it & now its one of my biggest passions as well. I nail reception shots & will get the moments from you two kissing on the middle of the dance floor to grandma doing the stanky leg ( & if grandma doesn’t know the stanky leg I`m teaching her if she wants to learn)
I hope you are ready because I join my couples on the dance floor and kill a few dances right with them 😉
Also If you thought to yourself that I mentioned my wife a lot then you are darn right I do because as much that woman drives me crazy, she is my world and my favorite girl.

Jakayla Rivers

Hey, heyyy! I am the extroverted-introverted portion of The Rivers. I am the girl who loves to hang out and have a fun time but I also am not mad when plans get canceled and I get to watch 90210 reruns at home. 9 times out of ten I will be the one emailing you back when you decide that you oh so need us for your wedding & I get excited when brides email us so please expect tons of “yayyyyy`s” from me. We don’t believe in templates and boring replies so I pour my heart and soul into every email we get. I got into photography after we had our 2 year old, thinking I wanted to be a family photographer & I quickly learned that I really did`nt like chasing my own child around for pictures so that was not going to be my jam! The moment I photographed my first couple I fell in love getting real moments & we have stuck to that ever since!
(It`s also a bonus that I don`t run the risk of getting peed on by my couples 😉 )
My favorite part of a wedding is when the bride and groom walk down the aisle for the first time & are officially married, its a dope moment & I always nail it. Other then that I am a tv junkie ( Its what I do while I edit your gorgeous faces!) so I love grey anatomy, scandal, survivor, pretty little liars, Jane the Virgin, The walking dead, Bachelorette, The handmaids, The office, lost, Criminal minds, veronica Mars etc etc (I listed them all because I’m hoping you will gush about them with me while we shoot 😉 )

Jaden Rivers

This is our mini Rivers! (and our third “J”)

She is 2 years old and is already attached to a mini camera we got her! She has quite a wild spirit and her favorite word is uncle. If you ever meet her sing I like to eat apples and bananas and you will win over her little heart. She is the love of our life and the reason why mommy drinks so much coffee, we always say she’s mommies personality with daddies face!

Client Love

Some of our snapshots with our clients during sessions! You guys provide us with the chance to have a dream as a career, so hell yes you guys are included  in our about me!!